Friday, May 12, 2006


I went out looking for air in Ambler this evening. Skulked about down by the train tracks, visiting what I consider one of my sacred photo history places, not looking for an answer, and really not finding one, but instead finding that the washer/dryer unit that was dumped there to replace the cushy chair was starting to vine right over. Talked to Bruce lask weekend about spots like this, revisiting them is like seeing old friends.

organism © Laura Kicey

This is the start of my second year spent 'really with the camera.' Things I felt so acutely the first time are maybe a little dulled this time round... year one: every hour, the changes in the quality of light and each day, the flux of the seasons effecting the shifting clouds and breezes, shaking the leaves from the trees and toussling the hair. I'm working to avoid the I've-already-done-that-before sort of things. There are only so many genies, couches on lawns and chandeliers in trees in Ambler to get the juices surging.... and really they really only look great in certain light (or not at all). Which is why I am going to San Fran for a week at the beginning of June. Partly. I am to meet a mile long list of SFlickrers. Also, this should help to chip away at the current sulk-factor {sidenote: D is going on cross-country safari and we are taking our own routes... no one's legs have to be broken, really, unless someone wants to take a bite outta my downstairs neighbors whose chronic volume is set to YODEL}.

I'm taking a breather from flickr public posting for a spell too. These photos will appear publicly in due time, but until then, you get the little squishitty Blogger versions. The below photo is only half the photo I wanted to take. The one in my mind's eye involved another pair of hands, ones that weren't holding me up, but were strong and present nonetheless. Alas tomorrow somehow wins out as the best day to do such things....

self supporting
self-supporting © Laura Kicey

Slap. Stop being sad! I really need to stop eating spaetzle. I feel sleepy, stiff and disjointed and I blame it entirely on what mom calls the Rivels. The photo of me is kinda eh... but it is everybit how I feel, wobbly, wan, and like I have a big hairy green monster lurking behind me that I am not aware of.

To add to the Spammers List of Amazings:

Puberty G. Aiken
Genuflection M. Blacklisted


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