Monday, October 31, 2005

its alive

and breathing!

return © Laura Kicey

I wanted to add to this blog a posting from a myspace posting dated October 16, 2005:

Yesterday took all sundry twists and turns. In the late afternoon, I went to my asbestos factory in Ambler for a 'fashion shoot' with two complete strangers. I ended up talking to some man who happened to be walking his dog around the grounds... turns out he worked at the plant there for many years, back in the 70s and it didn't shut down until 1984. The girl photographing me, Katherine, and her friend Dino were great to work with and it was interesting to be in a position on the other side of the camera and taking direction. It helps figure out what works and what doesn't with a model. Afterwards we walked around until sundown.

tide © Laura Kicey

There was a lot more evidence of people having been there. Further collapses, objects moved. More grafitti. But some I really liked. Someone had spraypainted the word 'focus' several different places.

clarity © Laura Kicey

Later that evening I went to South Philly to spend time with Rob, Kevin and Diana. Drinks at Chaucers. We started walking home around 1:15am.

victimized © Laura Kicey

As we stood on Rob and Kevin's front steps, while Rob unlocked the door, a guy on a bike approached us from behind, drew a gun and asked for our money and threatened to kill us. Hiding my camera bag behind my back, I pulled out my wallet while he cocked the gun and pointed it at Kevin. I have no idea what the fuck I was thinking, but as I handed him my wad of bills, I saw my car registration on top of the cash and took it back from him, saying 'only the cash, only the cash.' And he gave it back to me?!? He didn't believe that Rob had handed over all his money and the guy started to make like he was going to separate Diana and I from the guys and shoot them. Then he spooked and rode off.

the back seat
the back seat © Laura Kicey

The cops arrived in under 10 minutes and drove Kevin and Rob around the neighborhood looking for him. They picked us up and drove us back to the station to give our statements. Meanwhile two other robberies were reported, same guy.

document: detective
document: detective © Laura Kicey

Apparently he hit four people the night before. We didn't leave until 4am. Didn't get back to the burbs until 5ish. Exhausted. Angry. Freaked out. Slightly giddy. First time this had happened to, I think, all of us. Fortunately, one of Kevin's friends, Lea, who had just moved to Philly (and that neighborhood) and met us for drinks didn't come back to their place with us. Welcome to Philly!
It was decided that we should have a Secret Santa next year, invite the robber and all the people he hit and get gifts for each other based on how much he stole from us. Everybody wanted me for their SS.

He only got about $126 from us all together... that and our sense of safety. Its 2pm. Its a beautiful and crisp autumn day. I want to hide under the covers.


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