Thursday, May 11, 2006

pause for thought

Maybe I knew something was coming or perhaps I have always just lived up to the moniker I was bestowed by a former coworker from my perfume days: Dark Cloud.
The last couple of posts (if not more) make me appear as though, in real life, I might be one of those (Ancient Greek? P, help me out?) women whose job it was to wear black hooded cloaks and weep inconsolably at funerals, lachrymose cheerleaders for the dead.

quarrelsome © Laura Kicey

I have been wearing black, but that is because it is the only thing not in the laundry basket. I have four weeks before me: time to sort things out for myself, alone... really the best way to look at it. Time to see friends. Perhaps reply to emails that I should have three months ago. Fix my weird hair (important things, indeed). Take out the trash in a timely fashion. Buy the freeeeeeegin lights I have been putting off purchasing, and actually learn to use them. Send the portfolio to the place that might actually give me some freelance photo work that will pay me. Or shrug off responsibilities and relax, or vacation, even. Novel, yes.

rocking chair
rocking chair © Laura Kicey

It has started to rain. It will continue all weekend. I am very sad, I won't deny... but it feels like I've almost contained it... or at least reorganized it in a way that seems less painful... at least in comparison to the last two days mess. I thought I had lost that which is most precious to me. My tired head is trying to see this as a way to save this, albeit passively.

deserter © Laura Kicey

Not dwelling on sad stuff. Really! Sad stuff does get lots of hits though.

It was ages ago that I moved past the point of spouting off one or two exciting updates!! and onto a place where I can even keep track of all the stuff that happened an hour ago. So here, a list of old news, accomplishments that should be tallied somewhere.

The show at Nexus went well... I think. I didn't hear any one trash talk it at least, but I wasn't really inside to eavesdrop. I got to see a girl I went to school with who I never really knew at all, and we talked for quite some time. I felt like I missed getting to know someone really great, years ago. But I was glad to know someone was doing well in photography who I KUed with.

Seeing my photos in a magazine (my head on the cover as well), a book, and a fairly well know photography website in the space of hours was fairly bizarre.

picture biz: spread em

I am going to shoot my first event next weekend, the car show in Ambler, in hopes of making a few good portraits and getting a few people to buy prints of themselves with their cars... or just their cars.

taking off
taking off © Laura Kicey

In my wanderings I have met a few interesting characters quite randomly, including Turtle:

turtledove © Laura Kicey

A place I had been meaning to check out for some time, willingly opened its doors to me. My mom and I explored it together. Lancaster County's Rocky Springs' now-abandoned amusement park.

springs © Laura Kicey

Oh and while I am at it, Happy Mother's Day, to my mom and to all moms at large.

the waiting rooom
the waiting room © Laura Kicey

To end this on a light note to both counter the morose splendor of my last post, and fulfill the request of someone who really wanted to see this compiled:

flamingo gams

I obsesso-check my inbox and I've been getting spam for months from spammers who either have a fantastic sense of humor or a completely maniacal automated way of generating names. It is with this I leave you, a list of those I have grown to adore:

Golfer V. Geraniums
Basu Willoughby
Hollowed B. Roof
Dis E. Disheveling
Iolana Crabtree
Daylight T. Scorpio
Boutonni U. Contingency
Kenned M. Smokestack
Transliterate S. Schlitz
Sassafras O. Amber
Bilateral F. Cartographers
Balancing K. Shaved
Weakens B. Flounders
Bullhorn J. Muddier
Lulu D. Luger
Wimpled C. Playwright
Overtake U. Caravans
Combed O. Complexion
Warpaths V. Putrescent
Plastics E. Spankings
Thrusts V. Underacted
Boggier R. Ruffianed
Amputation Q. Resoundingly
Surliness Q. Gunboat

character © Laura Kicey

Ok, so now everyone is up to speed. With this I begin what I hope to be more regular postings, instead of sudden incoherent bursts. And lastly, thanks for all the kinds notes and comments I received, it meant very much to me.


Blogger Bruce Grant said...

if a cup (or glass) of something
or a walk
or something like that
with a geezer who knows a thing or two about heartbreak
would help
give me a shout

6:00 PM, May 12, 2006  

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