Friday, February 20, 2009

build on this

Why I do declare, its been so long it feels like it is my first time blogging ever.

Activity has slipped into a bit of a lull so while I have this window of opportunity, I might as well crack that window wide open and throw some stuff out it.

I will actually have to go back and look at the photos to recollect the events of the past two-ish months. I've decided to break this down into shorter episodes because I have some news I would like to share.

indispensable © Laura Kicey. All Rights Reserved.

This book:

has just been released in Europe. As per the description on the publisher's website: Beyond Architecture is the first publication of its kind to document the creative exploration of architecture and urban propositions in the contemporary arts. The projects collected in this book demonstrate how not only architects and designers but also artists are taking architecture as a starting point for experimentation. They range from performance, installation art and crafted sculptures to architectural models, alternative ideas for living spaces and furniture, as well as illustration, painting, collage and photography. Through stunning photography, visuals and complementary texts, these visionary concepts reveal the hidden creative potential for architecture and urban environments in inventive ways.

paprikash © Laura Kicey. All Rights Reserved.

And this is most exciting because months ago they asked me to submit some of my constructs for inclusion! It will be available in the US at the beginning of March. Of course I will add links here if you would be interested in purchasing a copy. I am featured alongside some brilliant and completely HUGE artists like Rachel Whiteread (!) whose work I first recall seeing at the Sensation Show in London in 1997. So this is some amazing company I am keeping. I cannot wait to get my copy.

context magazine: cover!
© Laura Kicey for AIA/Context. All Rights Reserved.

Also exciting news, AIA Philadelphia just released the most recent issue of their journal Context, which features a photo essay on the architecture of Philly area colleges and one of my photos on the cover.

context magazine: photo essay
© Laura Kicey for AIA/Context. All Rights Reserved.

intercultural center
© Laura Kicey for AIA/Context. All Rights Reserved.

© Laura Kicey for AIA/Context. All Rights Reserved.

In the coming days I will drag out stories and photos including the new year's roadtrip, some fashion action, headshaving, and lights at the end of the tunnel. For now a little something to wet your whistle: the possible location of a shoot this weekend.... the rosehouses.

the green room
the green room © Laura Kicey. All Rights Reserved.

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