Friday, June 23, 2006


The first I heard back from the Kevin on how things shaped up in court on Wednesday... this is, for those of you just tuning in, the trial for the robbery that happened in October, me and 3 friends were robbed at gunpoint in South Philly.

In the event you have a short attention span and do not wish to read the entirety of Kevin's mammoth post, reader's digest: after I left he went in and testified and the defense was an ass to him , inferring that if we were really scared, we would have given him all of our money in the first place instead of attempting to piss off the robber by holding back. His closing statement brought it on home with making us out to be liars and drunks. Our lawyer painted our tale with Rob as our gallant hero, after all we were probably out on a double date (whuh??). He was charged as guilty on all counts of First Degree Robbery... about ten of them and some other charges including simple assault (instead of aggravated assault which was what out lawyer was going for).

scaling © Laura Kicey

Some things the detectives told the crew post-trial that they could not disclose beforehand (quoted mostly from Kevin):

• The kid who robbed us was 19
• His brother was killed a few days ago in a shooting… I think he was the one shooting at people and he got shot back
• His cousin is a well known contract killer in south Philly. He gets 15 – 20k per murder and was just acquitted when he shot a guy point blank in the back of the head on the steps of a school at 24th and Christian… during a dice game (right around the corner from the same apartment we were robbed at). He got off because everyone in the neighborhood is afraid of him and no one would testify or come forward…
• The rest of this kid’s family is in jail for various gun crimes, so they felt that it was just a matter of time before our guy started pulling the trigger as well.

The detectives said that he could get 10-20 years for EACH count of 1st Degree Robbery but he will probably get significantly less being that he is 19. They asked for us to be at the sentencing hearing because it would help for the judge to see the victims in the crowd instead of just the robber’s family.

guardian angel
guardian angel © Laura Kicey

So I missed over two days of work with the preliminary hearing, leaving early to get to the lineup and to the police station for photo IDs, and then the trial and will have to probably miss another day for the sentencing, plus gas getting to and from these places, or train fares, plus the $60 I lost in the actual robbery. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $720+ worth of time and assorted crap.

Bottom line: though it may seem cool, getting robbed is a drag. Don't bother. And the court system... really, nothing to get too excited about there either. For your veiwing pleasure, photos from Alcatraz... I wish he was put that far away.


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