Wednesday, June 17, 2009

góða ferð

By this time tomorrow I will just be landing on foreign soil. Looking for a Skybus to ferry me into the long cool arms of one Sexy Swedish Babe.... who will probably be unconscious. Two days ago I was finally able to turn my full attention to trip planning again for the first time in weeks. We are both of "do enough research to get by, go where the road beckons" school of traveling thought. We are both also worn a bit thin by the freelance work schedule of the past couple months and are running low on sleep and stress-free we will both probably get exceedingly emotional over some ridiculous thing and break into a chorus of weeping.

I already feel like my body is pre-adjusting to the jetlag, waking at strange hours, alert and ready to go. 24 hours of disorienting sun, a friend I haven't seen in four years, the surface of the moon, icebergs, moss, tiny horses. An alien paradise dotted with abandoned buildings. If you are interested in updates while I am there, I should be able to post a few while on the move overseas here or on the very successful kickstarter sponsorship page. If you missed out on becoming a kickstarter sponsor, prints will be available on my etsy shop not too long after I return. I will eventually be writing a proper post here so keep your eyes peeled.

I know I haven't blogged since... forever. so many projects have been cooking at a full boil for months, I scarcely could breathe. And most of what I shot I can't share until November (sadly - Sarah and I just recently wrapped up an epic project that we are both extremely proud of and are chaffing at the bit to make public). You can also peek over at Terrain for their new weekly web photo updates which I will be doing (Yay!). Already many of the sub-pages feature almost all my photos!


One last thing which I won't have time to promote - a reminder to Harrisburgers/Central PAsians - I will be in Harrisburg for the opening of the long running The Art of the State, 7pm, June 27, 2009 at the State Museum of Pennsylvania. I have a piece in the show and can't wait to see the other work! If you are in the area and free, come on down!

Now I should really try to get a little sleep before the early rising to pack the last of the bags before I leave for the Much-Anticipated Icelandic Art Extravaganza. Góða nótt!

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